The Barn

Plans have been drawn up and approved for the development of the beautiful old barn.

The barn will be set up to welcome groups of up to sixteen young people. Each sleeping area will accommodate up to 8 beds with a bridge to connect the two. The open-plan, bunk house style will include two quiet zones to provide more privacy. There will also be the option of private rooms.

Building work started on the barn on 19th August 2019. The team anticipate that the build will take 40 weeks; however they are making fantastic progress and so far haven’t encountered any unforeseen dramas. The interior walls are all in and we are pleased that the planners are allowing us to keep some exposed stonework in the communal area. The extension for the kitchen and showers has been built and faced with traditional stone work. It sits perfectly in the landscape and feels as though it has always been there. The stone masons are so skilled – it’s wonderful watching it all take shape. In preparing foundations and leveling the ground a record sized boulder was unearthed (thankfully with a digger), so we now have our own standing stone which will make a feature!

Upstairs the joiners have laid the flooring and built the connecting bridge between the two sleeping areas. As a result of our consultation with young people we are rethinking the sleeping areas and have allowed for more privacy through using partition walls and creating quiet zones.

The next big step for the build will be to lift, reinforce, insulate and replace the roof. In all aspects of the build we are endeavouring to reuse and repurposed materials, even down to crushing existing concreted areas to create sub-base for flooring and the access road.