The Logo

The Logo
The Flynne’s Barn logo evolved from an initial sketch drawn by our friend, artist and writer Tim Bradford.

Tim  captured the rustic charm of the barn and the the majestic sycamore tree which gives it shelter from the storm. We used this sketch as a starting point but felt that the logo needed colour and a more contemporary feel to appeal to youngsters.

As there is such an abundance of wildlife at Thorneythwaite Farm it seemed important to include an animal in the logo and the obvious choice was the swallow. Over the spring and summer months the presence of the swallows in the farmyard is tremendously uplifting.  On arrival from their migratory journey they dart in and out of buildings searching for nesting sites and their chitter-chattering provides a breezy soundtrack to farm-yard life. During building they enjoyed perching on top of the scaffolding poles to survey their territory.

Tim also designed a wonderful poster taking in many of the animals and plants found in the valley and using earthy tones, which formed another stage towards the eventual logo.

We contacted Utah-based artist and designer, Travis Bone. Travis designs fantastic gig posters and merchandise for many of the bands whose music Flynne was drawn to. Together with her mum, she built up a collection of gig posters, which await some hanging space in the barn. Travis pulled all the elements of the logo together and has produced a great design which has the feel we were after and includes the light touch of the swallow.A huge thank you to Travis for donating his art work and supporting Flynne’s Barn.