Our original T-shirts are available in white or grey. The new design comes in Teal/blue, orange and green with a kids’ version in pink.

You can order by emailing your request and making an online donation of £10.00 per shirt and £2.50 postage. Please provide a postal address and we will then package and send out to you.

T-shirt Sizes
Small       Medium       Large

Small       Medium       Large       XLarge       XXLarge

Unisex (orange, blue/teal, green)
XS       S       M       L       XL       XXL

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(white, blue/teal, raspberry, green)
3-4yrs       5-6yrs       7-8yrs       9-10yrs       12-14yrs

Check out our photos of Friends of Flynne’s Barn modelling the shirts on Instagram. We’re spreading the word across the world!

We source all Flynne’s Barn t-shirts from Fifth Column due to their ethical and environmental practices.




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