Ellie Rowsell is a singer/songwriter who heads up the alt rock band Wolf Alice. The group have released two Mercury Prize nominated albums both of which reached no.2 in the album charts. Ellie penned a beautiful song called Heavenward in memory of Flynne. This is the opening track on Wolf Alice’s Mercury prize-winning studio album, Visions of a Life, released in 2017. It’s a very special tribute from the guys. We’re delighted that Ellie will be a patron for Flynne’s Barn and look forward to musical times with her and the lads up in the mountains.

“I met up with Flynne to teach her how to play the guitar whilst she had some time off school. I didn’t have much to show her as I am not very technical but our time together reminded me that’s not what music is about. Music is a language in which we can express things that we feel unable to do elsewhere. It is a world we can escape to when we want to lose ourselves. It is a thread to tie people together, to help make new friends and to have a good time. I may have taught Flynne a couple of chords but she taught me a wealth of lessons that will undoubtedly be passed around at Flynne’s Barn”.

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