More Fantastic Fundraisers

Phoebe Wyburd managed a completely dry January in 2018. She raised an incredible £2000 which she has kindly donated. Way to go Phoebe- thank you!
In July 2018 Amy Portis, Acland Burghley student and friend of Flynne’s, received the Jack Petchey Award for being an inspiring student. Amy has donated the amount of £250 to Flynne’s Barn which is a big-hearted gesture. We’re not at all surprised she won this award- huge thanks Amy.
Friends Nat and Nick who tied the knot in 2017 generously asked for donations to charity instead of wedding presents. They shared donations between three charities and presented Flynne’s Barn with £700 . Thank you and congratulations!
The sixth formers at Acland Burghley School  also sold the T-shirts before Flynne’s cohort moved on.
The Conway girls, Susan, Grace and Emma organised birthday donations at their Big Conway Bash, 2018. They’ve donated a total of £450 to Flynne’s Barn. A huge thank you to you and your guests and belated Happy Birthdays!

We are so grateful to our North Lakes neighbours for their welcome and support with our plans for Flynne’s Barn. Particular thanks to John Temple and Ed Roberts for their generous donations.

As Flynne’s Barn gathers momentum we look forward to developing our fundraising strategy and welcoming any creative ideas you may have. The sky’s the limit!

Coming soon – Flynne’s Barn Instagram, where Friends of Flynne’s Barn will be posting their travel pictures to see how far around the world our T-shirts  can go.

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