The Banana Field

Interestingly at Thorneythwaite the Trust have discovered some maps of the fields labelled with their old names. They want to resurrect these names which I think is pretty cool. Having said that we do have one field called the banana field ( for obvious reasons!) and I think it unlikely that it will ever change. Farmer Joe is waiting for a warm window of a couple of dry days to bring in the hay. Judging from the forecasts he’ll have to wait a while!

Strange to be back in London. I feel rather discombobulated these days and very much in between worlds. It’s been hard to connect to Flynnie up north this time too. I miss her terribly. Just too many noisy bods distracting me.

I couldn’t seem to carve out banjo time in amongst the visitors so was delighted to find a letter here from Derry with a tuition CD and the promise of regular meets in the autumn again. I’ll have to settle into a new rhythm after the summer and get focus on charity and business set up.

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