Thinking of river swimming

The rain is here again after having a couple of days respite. Had beautiful sunshine yesterday – all the flowers unfurled and Benny and the Jets ( the Galloway cows) were lazing in the grass.  Benny wouldn’t even rouse himself for the temptation of a carrot he was enjoying the sun so much.
I would love to go river swimming but the beck here is freezing! I guess I just need to build up my stamina for the cold. Have discovered another stretch of river with some beautiful pools, huge mossy rocks and a few trout darting about……so if we get some sun perhaps I’ll take the plunge….

Wehave the next wave of visitors here- Neil, Debs, John & Judith and Mum who’s had a good long stint. It’s a very eclectic mix but everyone is having a laugh and producing some great cuisine in the meantime.

Neil & Judith seem to be having a rainy day Thorneythwaite bake off so I shall head off and get some photos of them.

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