Lambs in the barn

It’s completely heavenly up here today. Frost this morning and bright, shimmering sunshine now. Thorneythwaite is reavealing her seasonal secrets in style. Our first spring time here and we arrived to see a bank of blazing daffodils at the back of the farmhouse. It looks as though we’ll have a carpet of bluebells coming through next- I’m so thrilled!

The first lambs are in the barn, Benny is romping in the woodland with herdwicks for company and the next batch of lambs are due next week. The politics of farming swirls on and we’re mostly oblivious to it all. Farmer Joe is on good form- he’s been cracking on with getting the old place in shape. We really like him a lot. We’ve met with our planner chap & the building contractor’s coming up next week so things are moving along.
Right- a furniture restoration project is calling me…

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